Babysitter on Crystal Meth Eats Baby – BS – WRONG

Are you one of the people who just goes around posting headline or stories without reading them, bitch about fake news and alternative fact and keeps posting stories, memes, quotes – what have you – without reading the story. Then you are the part problem if you are not Fact Checking.

I agree there is a FAKE NEWS problem. Adding to the problem won’t help.

People need to learn to Fact Check.

Read the headline:

Does it sound true? Feasible or Possible?

I saw a post with the headline –

Babysitter On Crystal Meth Eats 3 Year Old Baby” (

The person who posted should have thought about it for 2 seconds and said to themselves – “This has to be BS, let me check it.”

If you or someone you know is bitching about fake news and alternative fact and keeps posting BS like this – you MUST call them out.

Here are some FOX News stories that turned out to be False

Pants on Fire! statements involving FOX

Trump created fake news –…/fact-check-trump-blasts-fake-news…

Start by sharing…/technology/fact-check-internet

It may seem like I am picking on someone, Fox News, and Trump – and you are correct.

Why? Because I can, I Fact Check!