Fallacies, Fact Checking and Family

At least once a week I’ll read a Facebook or Twitter post by a friend or family member that drives me up the wall. Because it is so bogus, stupid, short sided, insane and wrong. Not just a bit wrong – COMPLETELY WRONG!


A lot of my family and friends are very smart, highly intelligent and rational. Sadly I have a group of other family and friends who are on Facebook, who are just the opposite. These are the ones that just drive me up the wall. It would appear that these people don’t understand the basics of Fact Checking or at least reading with a critical mind.

They often post memes, stories without checking to see if the story or meme is true, partly true or just simply wrong. These people are mostly good hearted, caring people.  They just lack critical thinking…

It is for these people I recommend the following:

The Fact Checker’s Bible: A Guide to Getting It Right