Apple iPhone without a headphone jack? – The 19th Century plug that’s still being used – BBC News

Apple is a game changer for sure, but not having a headphone jack… that sucks. I don’t use earbuds – can’t stand having something wedged in my ears.

I WON’T let G use earbuds as I don’t want her hearing damaged. Earbuds have been linked to hearing loss in children, teens and adults.

I use over the ear headphones. I didn’t pay big bucks for them but they work fine and I like them. Nice simple, 70’s style over the ear headphones. – BEHRINGER HPX6000 by Behringer

It also means companies like PAYPAL and SQUARE will need to make new equipment. Any product that relies on that jack will just be out of luck.

I have a pair of good quality bluetooth over the ear headphones, I guess I need to try to start using them… UGHHHHH…

The 3.5mm jack is a rare example of technology that has stood the test of time, writes Chris Stokel-Walker.

Source: The 19th Century plug that’s still being used – BBC News

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