I learned to program – Thanks Mrs. Spriggs – Save 20% on Ozobot

Ozobot – that cute little dome shaped programmable robot – save 20% on them… sorta of.



Buy a Gift Card, which are on sale for 20% off with code ozogift20 – so if you want to buy the Dual Pack Ozobot – get a $100 card – for $80 and then apply the gift card to your purchase. Save you $20 on the $115 Dual Pack.

I’ve had fun playing with one of these little robots and using the OzoBlockly site. Steve Jobs, Apple’s co-founder said, “I think everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think.”

Ozobot will work with most tablets and does work with laptops, desktops. I’m going to try it out on a Chromebook over the holiday break.

Over at Code.Org I found some of the best resources for learning coding. A long time ago in a school far far away I learned how to program in BASIC on a TRS-80, Commodore Vic-20 and 64. I was a luck child back then and had a great Jedi computer teacher.

Drag and Drop programming offered by OzoBlockly is a good way to get a child, or even an adult like me, in to programing.

*** I received NO compensation, or was given an Ozobot. I did use the ozogift20 discount.