I shouldn’t have bought a Pebble… even though I love it.

True the Pebble 1st generation smartwatch isn’t all that smart. This is one of those times that you don’t need to be a genius to get the job done. I’d read the reviews, pros and cons. I knew the charger cable could come unhooked when bumped. That some people didn’t like the band, that the screen could scratch and the LCD wasn’t the best. But that didn’t stop me.

I purchased my Pebble I did it so that I wouldn’t need to take out my phone as much. When I am driving I like the ability to look at the screen and look who is calling. Either accept or reject the call. Change my music or stop it. Look at the screen and see the time and weather conditions.

I’ve become very attached to it. If I forget to put it back on after a shower, I don’t get very far. It has become part of me and that’s where the problem is. I’ve leaned on it to much, it’s hard to go without it. It fills in the gaps and makes my phone just a bit more useful. In many ways it has become an extension of my life.

This month it started acting up. The screen started showing lines, glitching. Sometimes switching watch faces would clear up the issue. The problem is that now it is happening multiple time a day. Not only does it glitch, but it freezes.

I can’t rely on my Pebble. It is just a dead watch hanging on my wrist. A dead watch that I relied on constantly. It had become a tool that I used to help make my day run smoother. It did what I wanted it to do and that was the best part. Now I’m on the market for a new watch – one that will meet my needs and my budget.

Apple iWatch – OUT. Who wants a watch that needs charged everyday. The least expensive watch would be nearly 4 times what I paid for my Pebble.

I’ve read through the reviews of the Apple iWatch and while it is cool and innovative, I still don’t want to give up my Pebble. Android Wear watches are looking pretty good and I think that they could make me switch.


Dear Pebble – where have you gone? Why has your screen started acting up?

Doing just a bit of Googling I know that this isn’t just an issue I am having. Sadly it’s a common problem. There are various fixes and work arounds. But why should I try to fix the watch? Shouldn’t Pebble have fixed this during the manufacturing process. Everything that I’ve read online makes it clear that the issue is with a small connector that is near the vibration motor. It comes loose and that is why the screen flakes out. Fixes range from putting some sort of wedge under the cover and that will keep it pressed down and stop the issue. Some suggest that you can soak the watch in hot water to make the case expand. (Bad idea.)

I’m going to contact Pebble and see what they’ll do but this should have been fixed. It shouldn’t still be happening.

The new slogan for Pebble Time Round is – Still a watch. Just smarter. – is it manufacturing any better? I’m hoping that Pebble will stand by their product, but it seems that they aren’t very good at insuring the manufacturing process has fixed the problems with the LCD.

Pebble – do you stand behind your products?